Sidekick/HipTop LX Disassembly Guide: Step 3 of 4

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Here's a nice close-up view of the main board. If you remove the screws holding it on, you can get to the radio hardware, but that's a little beyond the scope of this guide:

Now we will begin the re-assembly. Swing the screen's connector out with your finger, as shown. Be VERY CAREFUL to NOT TOUCH the copper connectors - the oil from your fingers can damage them over time, or cause display problems. Set the screen in place, and put the screws back in:

Putting the trackball back in can be tricky, but look at the little piece of plastic sticking out of the side. That piece of plastic fits into a groove on the LEFT side of the trackball holder. Just make sure that little piece is pointing to the LEFT, and gently press the trackball into place. You should feel a little click when the two little posts on the trackball fall into the holes in the phone's circuitboard:


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