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iPod TouchiPhone


GSFX Matching Pairs™

Is Your Mind Sharp Enough?

GSFX Matching Pairs is a brain teaser for both adults and children. Is your mind sharp enough to challenge your friends (or four computer adversaries) to a match of wits?

There are several strategies for playing a good game of Matching Pairs. If you have a really good memory, it's even possible to play a perfect game! Here's how the computer player does it:

  • Remember every tile you have seen
  • If there are only two tiles left on the table, pick them
  • If you know two tiles match, pick them
  • If you know no tiles, pick two random ones
  • If you know some tiles, pick a random one you do not yet know and then pick its match from your memory

If you think you measure up to the challenge, just wait until you get to level 5.

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Notable Features

  • 9 levels of play
  • 4 computer difficulty levels, one of which plays a perfect game
  • 3 professional icon sets
  • High score list based on a cumulative score model
  • Multi-touch tile selection helps aid your spatial memory
  • Does not interrupt your podcasts or music
Matching Pairs Level 4