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GSFX Memory™

Dominate your opponents with your excellent remembering skills!

Use GSFX Memory to challenge your friends, or a variety of computer adversaries, to a match of wits. This is a two player game with pairs of tiles laid face down on a table. Your job is to match more pairs than your chosen opponent!

Network play icon Network play
Take-turns play icon Take-turns play
Single play icon Single play
  • 10 levels of play
  • 3 difficulty settings for single-player play
  • 3 built-in tile sets, or use your own!
  • Customizable background images

Custom Tilesets

Custom tilesets let you express your personality and style by changing the way your copy of Memory looks. Check out our starter custom set, and get started on making some sets of your own at the Custom Tilesets Page!

Memory Level 4
Memory's Unique Chooser Screen