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GSFX Picture Transfer™

Notice GSFX Picture Transfer is no longer being sold on the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, due to an update.

Picture Transfer is a simple program that allows users to copy pictures from their email to their photo gallery.  It first became available in the Sidekick II's catalog in December 2005, and since then it has sold thousands of copies.  

It's also been translated into German, and was upgraded for the Sidekick 3's launch in June 2006.


When my friends send pictures to my email, I can't see them?

Go to the email app, press menu, and choose Settings->Attachments. Make sure the box labelled "Remove attachments of these types: Images" is NOT checked. If it was checked, that explains why you didn't see images people sent to your email. If it wasn't checked, make sure the pictures your friends are sending are in JPEG format (remember, just changing the name doesn't make it jpeg).

How do I use a picture for a contact in my Address Book?

To use a picture for a contact in your address book, go to your address book, click on a contact, click "Edit Identity", scroll left until the blue icon of a person is highlighted, and use it as a drop-down box to select what image you want to appear for that contact.

How do I use a picture as a Screensaver/Keyguard image?

To set an image as your screen saver, go to the Jump screen, press Menu, go to Settings->Keyguard&Security and use the drop-down box there to choose which image to use as your screen saver.

Can I send or receive pictures in text messages?

Not currently. Picture Transfer only works with emails.

Can I save pictures off of websites?

Not with Picture Transfer. You can try taking a screenshot of a picture in the web browser by pressing Menu + Shift + the right shoulder button o)


Try our self-service Picture Transfer Troubleshooter. You will learn the answer to most problems within a few minutes. As always, if that doesn't work, we will be glad to help you personally.